Outonthewire.com is a unique arts and entertainment website created For Writers, By Writers.  This site is special in that we encourage our readers to submit articles about current entertainment events that interest them.  That’s right; you write ‘em, we post ‘em.  As such, our readers play an integral role in the growth of this site.

Essentially, you are the site.

We all know how difficult and frustrating it can be for writers to have their voices heard.  Journalism is a cutthroat business of limited opportunities.  Out On the Wire has the simple goal of giving every writer the ability to honestly say they have been published.  I have created this site in hopes that users will find it to be a place where they can build a body of work which can be used to demonstrate their writing talents.  It is our hope that our contributors will be able to say to perspective employers, “I have had several pieces posted at outonthewire.com.”

Any appropriate and well-written submissions will be published.  Submit as many articles as you like, as often as you like, on whatever topic you like.  Gain valuable feedback from reader comments and interact with them if you so desire.

In turn, the site will grow to be a place where readers can find diverse editorials and information on a wide variety of topics.

Out On the Wire’s focus is on Arts & Entertainment (movies, music, television, books, theater, etc.), but no topic is off limits.  If you want to write about sports, politics, or health and fitness, have at it!  Our goal is to build a community of writers as well as place where they will potentially gain notice.

For our frequent contributors, please inquire about letters of recommendation from Out On the Wire, as it is our goal to help passionate writers get their foot in the door any way we can.

How It Works:   A)   Pick a topic.  B)  Write about it.  C)  Submit your article to the editor.  D)  We post it.

Rules:  1) Keep it fresh and current.  Though we will post almost any article, there is not much point in posting something that has already been covered here or something severely outdated.  2) It is our belief that writers should have control over their work.  Out On the Wire will only reject or remove a piece if it is deemed either deeply offensive or inappropriate to the site.  Submissions will not necessarily be rejected because of foul language or controversial themes.  All submissions will be evaluated on an individual basis, and we encourage an open dialog between Out On the Wire’s staff, our contributors and our readers.  Simply write from the heart, have fun, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please keep in mind that outonthewire.com is a fledgling site.  Awareness and traffic may be slow initially.  Rest assured we will be doing all we can to get the word out about the site.  You can help too.  Link and share your posts at social networking sites and gain awareness for your submissions as well as the site.

It is my sincere belief that writers need a place to demonstrate their talents beyond anonymous blog posts.  And it is my sincere hope that Out On the Wire will provide that place.

Let’s get writing!

Ron David

Editor in Chief